About BUS

Beta Upsilon Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (BUS) is a business organization at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and is the largest organization at the university. It was organized in 1957, and was later incorporated in 1960. As an active business organization, it is composed of students majoring and or minoring in the School of Business, the Department of Economics, Business Education or Health Care Administration. BUS is a close-knit group of enthusiastic and hard-working individuals who work together to enhance the club and their own education.

Members of BUS can join one of the fifteen committees such as Business Affairs, Social, Project, Public Relations, Community Service and numerous others. Positions are also available in BUS’s subsidiary organizations: Investment Board as well as the Executive Board.

BUS sponsors speakers in business-related topics such as sales, leadership, investments, and motivation at each of its general meetings. Business attire is required to help achieve a professional atmosphere. BUS also sponsors many social events such as the Dinner Dance in the fall and the Chicken Roast in the spring. Two scholarships are also available through BUS.

In addition, BUS incorporates two very important projects into its many activities. BUS is the sponsor of the Career Conference, which helps students to plan for their future, and sponsors and event for the ARC (Advocating the Rights of Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities).

To be eligible for membership, students must have:                                                                         · at least 24 credits completed                                                                                                          · two semesters remaining before graduation                                                                                · and a 2.5 overall GPA.                                                                                                           New members complete a pledge process during their first semester for membership, designed to aid in their becoming familiar with BUS activities, members, and to encourage future active membership.


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